New Era Cap is the representative of the 'top' hat brand in the minds of the influx of people, except because New Era Cap is very stylish and sensitive. Even more because New Era Cap stands for 'professional.' New Era is the earliest company to buy and use sewing machines. Even though high-tech machines are used to make hats, each hat still has the original 22 manual processes to ensure the hats. Excellent quality. With a multi-top and even multiple series of New Era Caps, it is a must-have for contemporary hipsters. The 5950's hat is also loved by many professional trendsetters and idols. Because the closed cap type is equivalent to 'customizing' for everyone.
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Shipping & Returns

We promise will offer expedited shipping for our hollister products through EMS or DHL. After payment is processed, you will have your products within 7-12 business days (not counting weekends or Holidays). Most orders are processed and received by customers within 1 week. Customers are told for tracking their shipments. If you not get your package after 15 business days, please contact us by email. We will help to check the status out for you. Our company is not responsible for automatically returned packages, if EMS failed to deliver the package due to incorrectly provided address or unavailability of consignee. In very rare cases, some products may be seized by customs, we have never had this happen, but in very rare cases, it is possible. Our comapny is not responsible for any duty, tax or seizure by customs. If the products are seized by customs, we will replace products at no extra charge. So please don’t worry. If you gave us an insufficient or a wrong address to ship to, it's possible that there will be a delay on the delivery time. Also know that We do not take responsibility on delays in cases of bad weather condition, carrier complications and mess ups or holidays.